Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Characteristics of developing countries

Characteristics of developing countries
First of all it is proper to be clear about the meaning of the term developing country.Various alternatives names are used to indicate the economically backward countries such as underdeveloped countries,less developed countries.Third word countries and developing countries.The international organizations including the world bank use the term developing countries which have been in common use.The term third world denoted not allied with either of the two other world the capitalist countries and the communist countries.The first use of the term of third world is often credited to the late Indonesian president Sukarno who use the terms on April 18,1955 at the opening of the banding conference.The poorest countries of the world are termed as least developing countries and even fourth world countries.
A developing countries is one where the process of economic development has has started,but not completed.In such county there is low rate of economic growth and high rate of population growth.There is no proper use of natural and human resources and the living started of people is miserably low.
According to Bauer and Yamey ,"The terms underdeveloped countries usually refer to countries or region with levels of real income and capital per head of population which are low by the standards of north America,Western Europe and Australia.
Almost all developing countries are poor in money terms.But they are diverse in culture,economic conditions,and social and political structures.

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